The beauty of cork

Ever since I’ve had an opportunity to first learn about and work with cork in housing industry years ago, I’ve been quite amazed by all the upsides and advantages of this material.

Unlike other trees, the cork oak , “Quercus suber”,  truly is a renewable resource .

Cork trees are harvested approximately every ten years, but they are not cut down, and cork forests is left to nature for the most part, living on average more than 200 years.

Harvesters only remove about 5-6 feet of bark starting about one or two feet from the ground.

cork trees

After it is removed, the bark is soft and very elastic. Processed cork is broken up and compressed and glued to form the cork sheets used for so many different purposes, including thermal and sound insulation , textile industry , and probably the most famous, wine industry .

Lately, cork fabric became widely popular in fashion industry, which does not come as a surprise having in mind its durability , ease of cutting and sewing , and of course beauty.

cork stuff

Cork fabric, also known as cork leather , is extremely light , elastic , easy to fold , eco-friendly , and washable. It comes in a variety of colors and different grain structure.

It is also engravable, and we enjoy using it to laser cut product labels , which make a great addition to handmade , knitted and crocheted items, as well as bags , wallets and clothing , for both babies and kids and adults.

Our cork labels are a unique, quality product and still an affordable way of making an important step of establishing your brand and promoting your small business.

cork collage

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Welcome !

Welcome to ALL THIS WOOD’s official blog page !

The timing may seem pretty much like a New Year’s resolution, but I’d say that – after almost a decade of experience in laser engraving industry – it is pretty much a very logical step, considering the knowledge and experience that has been accumulating over the years.

I hope that as our current or future customers, you will find the posts interesting and useful, as well as entertaining.

You will be able to read about materials that we work with :  wood , leather and cork fabric , learn more about care instructions and how you should use your tags and labels.

This blog will also be a place where you will find answers to many common questions and topics that came up in conversations with customers during the designing process.

Hope you will be enjoying the posts and photos we will be sharing with you .